“Before joining CrossFit Piqua, I was an athlete in college, so my body was used to training and being in shape. Since college I have tried to get the same level of training, I had by weightlifting at a local gym and doing cardio on my own. My body was not gaining muscle and my cardio was less than my years as an athlete. Last year I ran into Chad Lawson who is the owner of CrossFit Piqua for a few moments and he told me all the success he has been having since he started doing CrossFit. So, I joined CrossFit Piqua in July 2019 on a trial basis and fell in love with the results. Since joining CrossFit Piqua, my form on all my lifts have improved, my cardio is at an all-time high, and all my maxes have increased. I have met a lot of incredible people who have similar fitness goals and they are always supporting and pushing myself and all the other members to be better than what we were yesterday. The atmosphere is always welcoming, positive and everyone is willing to help.”
– Cody Hogston

post2 “CrossFit has helped me through various stages of life over the course of 5 years. When transitioning from the Military, I knew I would need something to keep me active, healthy and grounded. Crossfit did just that. Even more, Crossfit Piqua did just that. It then helped keep me mentally focused through an Associates and Bachelors degree, allowed me to look my absolute best for the happiest day of my life – my wedding, provided me a phenomenal network of like-minded friends, and is now helping prepare me for surely one of the hardest challenges life has to offer…Motherhood. With that being said, I’m 100% certain it will continue to help me achieve whatever goals I have in life. In and out of the gym.”
– Mary

post2 “A year and a half ago, my friend convinced me to drop into a workout class with her at Crossfit Piqua. I had done crossfit one summer, played basketball in college, and worked out on my own throughout the years, but had been nervous to get back into it because I was afraid I wouldn’t be any good at it, that I wouldn’t know anyone, and that it would be too hard. When I finally decided to join, I thought I was just signing up for a daily workout class, but what I found was much more. I found a group of people (who I now consider great friends) to cheer me on through every hard workout and even finish my last burpee with me on the long days. These people hold me accountable, make me consistently show up to class, push me to go as hard as I can, pick me up on rough days, and root for me when I get a PR. I have found coaches that care about me as a whole “athlete,” constantly working to help me improve my form and push me to be as strong as I can be (inside and out). I have found people that believe in me, and I can honestly say that the best part of my day is making it to my class. Each day I am one step closer to being the best me and I am so thankful for Crossfit Piqua’s role in me finding myself again.”
– Sarah

post2 “Crossfit Piqua has truly been a life-changing experience for me. Since joining the gym in 2018 I have really turned my health around and at age 60 I am setting myself up for success as I age. With the help of the CFP trainers I am able to modify every workout for my skills and abilities—and am able to enjoy a challenging workout. I am blessed to workout with all levels of athletes and we all encourage one another. Working out with the CFP gang has not only improved my physical health but has helped me through some difficult personal issues…nothing like working out to take the focus off your troubles. Crossfit Piqua is like a family….no egos allowed—we encourage and support one another.”
– Annie

post2 “My wife and I started CrossFit in 2016. If I’m being honest, she actually had to convince me to try it because I wasn’t convinced it was the right thing to do. It was truly one of the best decisions we have ever made. CrossFit has pushed us to be the best versions of ourselves both as individuals and as a couple. We have grown in our fitness, our nutrition, our mindsets and in our relationships through CrossFit. So, why CrossFit Piqua? The people. It’s a place that people know how to work hard and give their best, but also know how to have fun and enjoy their time at the gym. We workout with people that are from all different age groups and backgrounds, but we are all striving for a common goal…to be better that day. We push each other, cheer for each other and hold each other accountable. Most importantly, we care about each other as people, not a weight or a score on a workout. Sure it can be competitive if you want it to be, but ultimately it’s about helping each other and the community as a whole. I’m truly grateful for the friendships I’ve formed because of CrossFit Piqua and for the way it has changed the lives of my wife and I!”
– Mark

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